Family Equality’s LA Impact Awards celebrate LGBTQ families and honor those who have made a significant impact in the fight for equality.


2019 HOnorees

Nigi wedding.jpeg

Gigi Gorgeous Getty & Nats Getty

Murray-Reese Family Award Winners

Gigi Gorgeous Getty is a transgender activist, author, actress, digital creator, and LGBTQ icon. With nearly 8 million followers, almost half a billion views on Youtube, a feature-length documentary (This is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous), and a book (HE SAID, SHE SAID: Lessons, Stories, and Mistakes from my Transgender Journey), Gigi couples her visibility with humor to share stories of marginalization, advocate for our community, and speak out against injustice. This year, she married American model, designer, artist, and LGBTQ rights activist, Nats Getty. Together, Gigi and Nats fearlessly share their authentic selves with the world, and in doing so, they pave the way for future parents everywhere, especially those who are transgender. 



2019 IMPACT Award Winners

Driven by a belief that love makes a family, California Cryobank has supported LGBTQ+ families on every step of the path to parenthood since 1977. Regularly sponsoring Family Week, local Pride events, and informational family-building sessions for over 10 years, and recently pioneering efforts to make fertility preservation accessible for all trans individuals in the US, California Cryobank has helped thousands of LGBTQ+ families at times when many service providers have turned us away. California Cryobank understands that inclusion is more than diverse stock photos on a website—it’s about the day-to-day work done to meet the needs of our community.